Abundance trusts that there will be enough

Scarcity fears that there will not be enough


3 Practical Steps to Growing an Abundance Mindset

In our last mindset blog we discussed how clarifying values and creating a vision is a practical way to put an Abundance mindset into practice.  Give yourself plenty of time to work on this.  The catch is that if you don’t know who you are happy to be and what you want to do, then how will you ever be able to know if you are living the life you want?  You must define what Abundance looks like to you before you can work on living it.  Without a target our efforts might seem random and fleeting, which can be discouraging.


1 – Clarify Values

So, let’s get started!  Consider the following list of values.  Select and order your top 10 most important values, with #1 being the most important, #2 the next most, then #3 … etc.


Love  Wealth  Family  Morals  Success  Knowledge  Power

 Friends  Free Time  Adventure  Variety  Calmness  Freedom 

Recognition  Nature  Popularity  Responsibility  Honesty

Fun  Humor  Loyalty  Reason  Independence  Achievement 

Beauty  Spirituality  Respect  Peace  Stability  Wisdom 

Fairness  Creativity  Relaxation  Safety  (Or Name your own)


You can download a PDF of these values here: https://www.therapistaid.com/therapy-worksheet/values-clarification


Score How Well You Are Currently Living Your Values

Next, score each of your top 10 Values on a scale from 0-10 (0 poor, 10 excellent) on how well you feel you are living each value currently. Take time to reflect on your scores, why are your high scores high, and why are your low scores low?


2 – Create Your Vision

Once you have clarified your top 10 values and scored them, it is time to ask what it would look like if you were living each of your values at a 10 out of 10.  Note this focuses on you and what you can control.  Not what others may or may not do.  Give yourself permission to try an experiment here and be OK with a rough draft at first, then edit over time.  It took me several months to get clear on my initial Vision!


For each of your 10 values, answer the following three questions:


What would success look like for this value if I were living it at a 10/10?


Why do I want this outcome?


How can I take one small action step toward improving my score on this value?



3 – Schedule a Regular Time to Review Your Values and Vision

Consistently reviewing your Values/Vision is vital to success.  Your Values/Vision like your game-day plan, your commander’s orders, your 10 Commandments, your Constitution … it is no good to create it and forget it.  Just like practice, drills, Sabbath, and national holidays create space for us to reflect, remember, and reorient, we must do the same for our own personal lives or we will forget who we are.  And when we forget who we are, Scarcity mindset is an easy default.

Therefore, we make reviewing our Values/Vision a priority in our schedule.

So, when is a consistent time in your week when you can review your Values/Vision?  Put it on your calendar as a recurring appointment.  If you can do it daily, fantastic, but at least try to start with a weekly review. For some personalities, you may be more naturally attuned to your Values/Vision, but if you are like me and tend to easily drift, then you will need to leverage some structure to keep you on track.

Here’s to practicing an Abundance mindset and trusting that there will be enough, regardless of whatever challenge we take on!


Written by Tom Page, LPC

Want to take a deep dive into your Vision and Values?  Check out the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.