Abundance trusts that there will be enough

Scarcity fears that there will not be enough

What Does an Abundance Mindset Look Like?

An Abundance mindset is not the absence of uncomfortable feelings, nor is it the guarantee of a blissful life.  Rather it embraces discomfort, affirms hope, and encourages movement rather than stagnation.  Abundance mindset empowers us to act in line with our values regardless of how we might feel.  When hope is hard to come by, the Abundance mindset intentionally remembers past wins and focuses on personal values and goals.  It trusts that there will be enough to go around.  In this mindset, we give things a try and release the outcome, understanding that we will be OK regardless.

I believe that a key to quickly shifting out of Scarcity and back into an Abundance mindset is knowing our values.  If we lack clarity on our values, whenever we face a difficult situation, it is easy to feel paralyzed and unable to move forward because we don’t know “the right choice.”  Here’s a hint – rarely, if ever, is there a singular, absolute “right choice.”  There are only your values and choosing actions that are most in line with your values.  Some of you might balk at this. That’s OK!  🙂 

Here’s a personal example of Abundance mindset from this past Mother’s Day.  I wanted to buy a grill for my wife.  She loves grilling and we didn’t have a functional grill.  Finances were again tight, but I wanted to do something special for her.  I still felt anxious about the purchase, but remembered that loving her well was a high priority, so that became my focus.  From there, I decided to act on each little next opportunity and see where it took me.

Could I look up prices and reviews online? Yes.

Could I go look at some grills in person? Yes.

Could I find a good quality one on sale? Yes.

Could I take the money from our budget this month without her knowing? No.

Could I borrow the money from what I would pay us next month? Yes.

Could we practically make that work next month? Yes.

Could I schedule time to go make the purchase? Yes.

Voila.  Abundance in practice.  I made a reasonable purchase, felt the anxiety, honored my values and surprised my wife with a grill on Mother’s Day.  She felt loved and appreciated, which was the whole point.  But if I would have let Scarcity run the show, fearing the worst, then I probably would have opted for some lame-ass gift card to Starbucks (which I had done predictably many times before.  Ah, romance.).  This process didn’t feel easy for me.  I felt uncomfortable through much of it, but I was clear on my value – love my wife well.  And that focus helped me navigate the fear and start taking small action steps.

Put Abundance into Practice: Values and Vision

Each time we review a mindset pairing, I will suggest a practical application for you to try.  In order to put an Abundance mindset into practice, I invite you to clarify your values and create a vision.  There is a three-step process:

  1. Clarify your Values
  2. Create a Vision
  3. Review it Consistently

In this practice, you will create a living document.  It will start as a rough draft, shape over time, and eventually take consistent form – but it will never be static and absolute.  Each new season may bring a slight (or large) change and that’s OK.  In clarifying your values, you will explore what is uniquely important to you.  I’m not asking you what your values “should be” (put that thinking aside for a bit), rather I’m asking you to consider what you want, what is naturally in you, unfiltered.  From there you create a Vision.  Knowing your values is good, but setting goals for your values is better.  That’s a Vision – naming what success in your values looks like.  Then the final piece is reviewing your Values and Vision consistently, weekly at least, if not daily.  This rhythm of review sets the trajectory of your life, and ensures that you are quickly refocusing when your aim is off.

The practical steps were a bit much to include on this post, so continue on to Mindsets: Abundance vs Scarcity (Part 3) for instructions on how to build your values an vision!  See you there.


Written by Tom Page, LPC